Global Contagion Report: Trafigura
Monday, March 4, 2013 at 6:18AM
Global Contagion Report in Frank Sammut, Global Contagion Report, Malta, Tancred Tabone, Trafigura

Country Involved: Malta

Company Involved: Trafigura

Industry: Oil & Gas

Industry Subsector: Exploration & Production

Officials Involved: Tancred Tabone, former Enemalta chairman; Frank Sammut, Enemalta procurement committee member

Enforcement Action: Charge

Summary: Tancred Tabone and Frank Sammut have been charged with receiving kickbacks tied to contracts with Dutch oil company Trafigura. Tabone also faces corruption charges pertaining to deals with six other companies. Earlier this month, former local Trafigura agent George Farrugia was granted a presidential pardon in return for information on corrupt deals Farrugia was allegedly privy to.

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