Global Contagion Report: Caccavo SLR
Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 6:22AM
Global Contagion Report in Caccavo SLR, Global Contagion Report, Italy, Luigi D'Amora, Marcello Fiori, UNESCO

Country: Italy

Company Involved: Caccavo SLR

Industry: Industrials

Industry Subsector: Building Materials & Fixtures

Officials Involved: Marcello Fiori, UNESCO special commissioner for Pompeii heritage site; Luigi D'Amora, director of restoration of Pompeii heritage site

Enforcement Action: Investigation

Summary: Italian police say Marcello Fiori and Luigi D'Amora awarded "irregular contracts" to Salerno-based firm Caccavo for restoration of the Pompeii heritage site. Caccavo has been banned from bidding for future government contracts, and had $1,089,612 of its assets seized.

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