Cool Deal For Summer
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 12:08AM
The FCPA Blog in Benchmarking, ethiXbase

Through the generosity of Jeff Kaplan and Rebecca Walker, ethiXbase is now offering readers of the FCPA Blog a free download of the Anti-Corruption Compliance Benchmarking Survey.

The survey was developed last year by Kaplan & Walker LLC and the FCPA Blog.

More than a hundred companies participated, including many global leaders. They responded to 48 questions about key areas of compliance, such as the extent of in-person training programs and compliance oversight.

Normally valued at $295, the survey can be downloaded at no cost for a limited time with email registration here.

When you register for the survey, you'll also receive a free trial of ethiXbase, the world's largest anti-corruption database.

Learn more about ethiXbase here.

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