ethiXbase launches employee certification system
Friday, November 23, 2012 at 2:20AM
Scott Graham in Effective Compliance Program, Employee Certification, Employees, Trac, Trace International, Training, ethiXbase

Our team has analyzed every known FCPA investigation and enforcement action to create a market-leading automated system built to meet or exceed all government compliance standards and requirements. 

Features include real-time visibility of all compliance communications and document delivery, latest compliance material pulled from the ethiXbase content library, fully automated emails of new and scheduled compliance materials, tracking of all email delivery, handing, opening, and document downloading. 

This allows for compliance activities of employees to be instantly benchmarked and compared based on location and job function. 

In granular detail, you know how employees are interacting with communications and documents provided to them. You can also generate monthly or ad hoc reports demonstrating how your program is performing over time.  

The ethiXbase Employee Certification and Risk Management program can be integrated with third-party systems, including TRACE International's TRAC program.  

For more details, download the brochure here. 


Scott Graham is the CEO of ethiXbase. He can be contacted here.

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