African reformer murdered
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 7:12AM
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The chief of the treasury in the West African country of Guinea was assassinated last weekend, just months after she uncovered and blocked a plot to embezzle $2 million from the country's central bank.

Aissatou Boiro, left, was shot late Friday by an attacker believed to be wearing a Guinean army uniform.

In a statement Sunday, President Alpha Conde said his government’s fight against corruption will carry on despite Boiro’s assassination.

French-speaking Guinea has a population of ten million. It's one of the most corrupt countries in the world, ranked 164 out of 184 on the corruption pereceptions index.

Mamadou Dian Balde, editor-in-chief of the Independent and Democrat newspapers, said Boiro discovered the plot three months ago to steal more than $2 million from the Ministry of the Economy.

"Those people," Balde said, "had been sacked by the president, Alpha Conde."

Balde said the Guinean government is not doing enough to fight corruption.

“The president promised to fight against corruption, but he isn’t doing enough for that struggle because the same clerks, the same ministers who were working for the government [of] President Lansana Conte, some of them are in the new government, and people think that it is the same system [as] under the late President Conte,” Balde said.

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