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Monday, October 25, 2010 at 7:48AM
Richard L. Cassin in lawgents

A new site called makes it a lot easier to track and read law-related blogs.

Lawgents calls itself a legal news aggregator. It keeps a list of law blogs -- around 70, so far -- and you can subscribe to any of them through the site. There may be more law-related blogs out there, but lawgents says it only lists those with live links that are actively posting.

If you know of a blog that should be listed but isn't, you can request a feed, and lawgents will add it to the site.

Sign-up is required but it's easy -- just a name and email address. Then you can start picking the blogs you want to read. You can change your feed list whenever you want with one click. (Disclosure: lawgents asked if we'd be one of the default feeds, and we are.)

The site doesn't archive the blogs it indexes, but always displays the latest five posts. So there's plenty of time to read the recent news.

In the faqs, lawgents says its "feeds are re-cached every 10 minutes. By 'refreshing' your browser, the new items display on your 'My Feeds' page." You can read an excerpt for each post, and go directly to the blog if you choose.

Best part: There's no charge to use the site.

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