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The best defense against Ronaldo, Messi, et al? Bring a tax case

The last few years have revealed a growing trend of prosecuting top-grossing soccer superstars for tax evasion and tax fraud.

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Alexandra Wrage: The World Cup and FIFA’s many teachable moments

If your offices, like ours, are currently filled with colorful jerseys and employees furtively checking scores on their phones, you know that soccer (or football or futball) has the attention of much of the world right now.

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Andy Spalding: Will FIFA now follow the IOC’s lead?

The 2026 FIFA World Cup vote already reflects the significant steps FIFA has taken to reduce corruption. Will it now follow the International Olympic Committee example and take the next step?

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Avoiding scandal damage: A due diligence plan for corporate sports sponsors

In recent years, the global sports audience has witnessed many corruption scandals. Such scandals can significantly impact the reputation of the brands sponsoring athletes and the competitions organized by sports institutions.

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Laura Tulchin: To clean up big-time sports events, start with monitors

The former governor of Rio State, Sergio Cabral, was arrested in November on corruption charges. He was accused of taking bribes from construction companies. One of the contracts under investigation involved the renovation of the Maracana stadium ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

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Scott Moritz: A detailed marketing plan can save your compliance program

Companies that make and sell consumer products -- toothpaste, smart phones, cars, movies, food, medicines, golf clubs, cosmetics, whiskey, shoes, jewelry, and so on -- spend billions of dollars promoting their goods.

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GW Law Colloquium: The Fight Against Corruption....A Report from Brazil

Brazil has been rocked by a series of scandals stemming from corruption in procurement, from Petrobras to the World Cup.

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IBA July 28 event: Did FIFA end the era of impunity? 

Image courtesy of the IBAThe International Bar Association (IBA) is holding a panel discussion entitled: “FIFA & the World Cup: Is the Era of Impunity for Corruption and Widespread Human Rights Violations Coming to an End?” 

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Bilfinger confirms Brazil World Cup bribes

German engineering firm Bilfinger said Sunday an internal investigation has found that employees of a subsidiary paid bribes to public officials in Brazil for contracts related to the 2014 World Cup.

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The Rio 2016 Olympics: A Window into Our World (Part Two)

International mega sporting events, like the World Cup or the Olympics, pose arduous challenges for those seeking to quash corruption. They require a host nation, or city, to take on magnificent construction projects under demanding timelines.

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Brazil, Corruption, and the 2016 Olympics: Help Eight Law Students Find Answers. 

Hello, my name is Carter Nichols and I am one of eight law students who want to research corruption surrounding the 2016 Olympics – but I need your help! In March, our group will be traveling to Brazil to interview government officials, politicians, business leaders, and advocacy groups in an effort to understand and analyze corruption in Brazil. In order to make this leg of the research possible, my classmates and I need to raise money to fund our trip. I have included a link our fundraising page below, but would first like to tell you a little about of project:

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Help Students Study Corruption in Brazil

Eight law students at the University of Richmond need your help. As part of a year-long course called “Brazil, Corruption, and the 2016 Summer Olympics,” they’re taking a research trip to Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro this spring. They’ll personally interview government officials, business people, lawyers, and civic organizations, and collectively write a report of their findings. With the help of the FCPA Blog, we think they can really have a major impact on the public debate. This truly is a rare opportunity.

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