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Walmart And The Statute Of Limitations

How long is the statute of limitations for FCPA offenses?

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The FCPA -- Idealistic, Impractical, Naive, and So American

Since the Walmart saga became news earlier this week, well-meaning people have been asking the question: Why do we have the FCPA?

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How Wal-Mart Killed the Compliance Defense

In yesterday’s post, Andy Spalding said efforts to reform the FCPA by adding a compliance defense have emerged “unscathed” from the fallout over the New York Times report of Wal-Mart’s conduct in Mexico. I believe that the opposite is true; that the Wal-Mart scandal sounded the death knell for any efforts to amend the FCPA by adding a compliance defense.

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The Good Faith Compliance Defense, Unscathed

Let me be blunt: assuming the allegations to be true, had the FCPA been amended to include a good faith compliance defense, Wal-Mart would not be eligible for it.

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Walmart's Investigation Disclosure

From the 'investigations' index of ethiXbase, here is Walmart's FCPA disclosure in its latest Form 10-Q:

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Weighing Walmart: What Makes A Big Case?

Joe Palazzolo and Chris Matthews at the Wall Street Journal asked how Walmart's alleged $24 million in bribes to Mexican officials compares with other cases from our list of the Top Ten FCPA enforcement actions.

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'So What?' Bribes Destroy Market Capitalism. That's what.  

Tim Worstall, contributor to Forbes and Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute in London, said out loud what some others still think and say privately. Writing about the recent Walmart Mexico scandal, Worstall said “So What?"

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Window Dressing At Walmart?

On his Conflict of Interest Blog, Jeff Kaplan had a great post about the Walmart affair.

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Report Of Massive Bribery By Walmart In Mexico

The New York Times published an account today about $24 million in bribes paid by Walmart's Mexican subsidiary for licenses to expand throughout the country, and a massive cover up of the bribes after they were discovered as early as 2005.

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Walmart Joins Our Corporate Investigations List

Walmart last week disclosed in its latest SEC filing an internal investigation into possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

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