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Lebedev only partly right in calling for more enforcement

Russian businessman and publisher Alexander LebedevIn his call for the establishment of an international anti-corruption agency during last week’s Economic Crime Conference in Cambridge, UK (“We must create a global force to fight corruption”), Alexander Lebedev put forward some convincing arguments about how putting a stop to corruption will have huge benefits for the economy and society. He’s right --  getting governments to work together to enforce the law more rigorously is a critical part of achieving that.

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Are China's views on foreign bribery changing?

China's crackdown on domestic corruption is by now widely known. But many, including myself, have suspected that a crackdown on foreign bribery would be much slower to develop. Recent news might begin to prove us wrong.

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The impact of corruption on women, strategies for change (Part 2)

Photo courtesy of Transparency International via YouTube Part 1 of this three-part series looked at some statistics on women's experience with corruption.

Part 2 explores strategies that can help reduce women's experience with corruption, from business regulations and local safeguards, to women's representation in government bodies.

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The impact of corruption on women, strategies for change 

Photo courtesy of Transparency International via YouTubeThis post -- Part 1 of a three-part series -- reviews some statistics on women's experience with corruption -- as reported by women in eight developing countries -- and considers some reasons for the disparate impact on them.

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B20 Task Force: Is it time for an international mechanism for resolving disputes?

The B20 Task Force on Improving Transparency and Anti-Corruption's latest report is out, and the former director of the UK's Serious Fraud Office told me that there has been some notable changes of detail in it.

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