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Entries in Transparency International -USA (10)


Shah and Heywood: FATF report finds U.S. weak on transparency of beneficial ownership

You arrive in a new city on a rainy day and check into your top floor hotel room, only to find the roof is leaking.

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Event Note: Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Public Procurement (October 28 – Washington, DC)

A lack of information about the people who ultimately own or benefit from legal entities is one of the most pervasive challenges in increasing transparency and fighting against corruption. The U.S. Government oversees a vast network of contractors, and the collection and publication of the beneficial ownership information of such contractors as part of procurement protocol could greatly benefit the level of transparency in government contracting, cut down on government waste, and decrease fraud and corruption.

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PM Cameron announces beneficial owner registry for foreign companies holding or buying UK property

Prime Minister David Cameron hosted an international anti-corruption summit in London Thursday and used the event to announce steps to end the secret ownership of property in the UK by foreigners.

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White House acts to end secret U.S. companies and hidden foreign ownership

Official White House Photo by Pete SouzaThe Obama Administration Thursday announced a series of actions to end the use of anonymous corporations in the United States and require disclosure of beneficial owners when foreigners deposit money or buy assets in this country.

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Shruti Shah: The Panama Papers and the United States

Image courtest of TI-USAFollowing the release of the Panama Papers and the public outrage that followed, we at Transparency International-USA have set up a web page to explain anonymous companies and how they affect ordinary people in the United States.

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Event Note: Perspectives on the May 2016 London Anti-Corruption Summit (April 13 - Washington, DC)

An increased urgency is growing around the world regarding the need to confront the deep-rooted problem of corruption.

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Shruti Shah on PBS: Panama Papers show it's too easy for the bad guys (with video)

Shruti Shah, a contributing editor of the FCPA Blog and the vice president for programs and operations at Transparency International-USA, appeared Monday evening on the PBS News Hour.

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AML push: FinCEN targets anonymous, cash real estate buys in NYC, Miami

The Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network issued new rules Wednesday to force U.S. title insurance companies to identify the natural persons behind companies used to pay all cash for high-end residential real estate in the Borough of Manhattan in New York City and in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

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Compliance alert: World Bank adopts more flexible and transparent procurement reforms

The World Bank’s board of executive directors Tuesday approved "a once-in-a-generation" reform package for procurement in projects financed by the Bank.

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Groups urge KYC rules for real estate to fight money laundering

Shruti Shah of TI-USA (Image courtesy of C-Span)Transparency International-USA sent a letter to the U.S. Treasury Department Tuesday, endorsed by 17 civil society groups, asking for due diligence requirements for professionals in the real estate sector.

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