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Entries in The FCPA Database (7)


New Era For Compliance Data

Today marks the roll out of ethiXbase, the world's largest anti-corruption database.

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Local Laws, From Afghanistan To Zimbabwe

The FCPA Database continues to grow. It's the largest online database of anti-corruption legislation (more than 135 countries) and gift-gving regulations.

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All Corruption Is Local

The number of countries covered by the FCPA Database is growing. The database has anti-corruption legislation and gift-giving regulations. There are also more than a thousand searchable law firm memos, and a directory of more than two thousand law firms.

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Talk Dates In Asia

We'll be in Hong Kong on February 7 and Singapore on February 15 to talk about the top ten FCPA enforcement actions. The focus will be lessons for companies doing business in Asia.

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FCPA Database Expands Coverage

The current list of countries covered by the gift-giving regulations in the FCPA Database appear at the left.

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A Gift-Giving Regulation Database Is Here. Finally

The FCPA Database has researched gift-giving regulations for over 30 countries including Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, and Italy

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Resource Alert: The FCPA Database

Late Friday night. The phone rings. 'Potentially sensitive payments in Azerbaijan.' What's the local law on corruption? What about anti-money laundering legislation? If an internal investigation is needed, what are the local privacy laws? Is there a law firm to call there -- right now?

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