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Misonix discloses possible China FCPA offenses

Medical device maker Misonix Inc. said Wednesday it self disclosed possible FCPA violations to the DOJ and SEC.

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SFO to companies with compliance problems: This is how you deal with us

Ben Morgan, the joint head of the bribery and corruption unit at the UK Serious Fraud Office, spoke Thursday morning to the Annual Anti Bribery and Corruption Forum in London.

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Tom Fox: IRS involvement in Garcia FCPA enforcement action signals more risks

One of the more interesting facets of the recent Vicente Eduardo Garcia Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) criminal enforcement action was the involvement in the investigation of the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation.

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PetroTiger joins Morgan Stanley with rare DOJ public declination

For only the second time in FCPA history, the DOJ Monday made a public announcement that it wouldn't prosecute a company that cooperated in building a case against a former officer.

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Mary Jo White dishes on FCPA self-reporting and cooperation

SEC chair Mary Jo White spoke Monday at Stanford University's Rock Center for Corporate Governance. Her talk was called "A few things directors should know about the SEC."

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Key Energy bribe probe expands to Mexico

Key Energy Services Inc. said it is investigating allegation of possible bribery involving its Mexico operations.

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Latest FCPA disclosure from Orthofix (March 31)

Here's the full FCPA disclosure from Orthofix International NV in its Form 10-K filed with the SEC on March 31.

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DOJ declination for SL Industries

The Department of Justice has dropped its Foreign Corrupt Practices Act probe of SL Industries Inc. without filing charges, the New Jersey-based power technology company said in its annual report Wednesday.

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Layne Christensen more than doubles FCPA settlement reserve

Kansas-based Layne Christensen Company said last week it has increased its reserve for a potential FCPA settlement from $4.8 million to $10.4 million. That amount, the company said, represents the low end of the range for a possible settlement, which could also reach $16 million.

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ADM holds settlement reserve at $54 million

Agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) said in an SEC filing last week it has now completed its internal investigation and hasn't raised the $54 million reserve it set aside in June for an FCPA settlement.

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