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Where is Richard Bistrong today?

Prisoner number 30079-01 has a release date of January 15, 2014.

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Bistrong Sentenced To 18 Months

The government's cooperating witness in the failed Africa sting prosecution was sentenced today to 18 months in federal prison followed by 36 months probation, according to a courthouse source.

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DOJ Recommends No Jail For Bistrong

The DOJ asked in a court filing Monday that Richard Bistrong be sentenced to 'a combination of probation, home confinement, and/or community service' of up to six months.

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A Baker’s Half Dozen FCPA Issues for the First Half of 2012

Tom Fox with a great summary of the biggest FCPA stories from the first half of 2012.

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Not So Fast: Are DOJ Flops Always Failures?

When Roger Clemens and FCPA defendants walk, should we only see failure by the DOJ?

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Feds Drop Case Against Final Africa Sting Defendants

The Justice Department today filed a motion to dismiss the indictments against the three Africa sting defendants who pleaded guilty.

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The Punishment Of Prosecutions

For defendants, federal criminal prosecutions leave behind a scorched earth of ruined reputations, shattered health, broken families, and drained bank accounts.

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Lord Acton And The FCPA

A New York Times story about the collapse of Africa sting prosecution quoted me as saying "that in settlements without a trial, 'the power of Justice is unchecked.' Even more, . . . this lack of oversight 'gives rise to evidence of corruption in our anticorruption laws, and that is the height of irony.'"

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'Foolish And Unprofessional' Behavior Infected FCPA Prosecutions

The DOJ's once invincible FCPA unit isn't just losing some high profile prosecutions. It's getting clobbered. And a common theme in the setbacks is a lack of professionalism and preparation.

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Sting Lawyer Comments On 'Fake Case'

Paul Calli, left, of Carlton Fields represented Stephen Giordanella. Judge Richard Leon acquitted him last month. After the DOJ today dropped the remaining indictments, Calli said:

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DOJ Ends Africa Sting Prosecution 

The government today asked Judge Richard Leon to dismiss with prejudice all remaining indictments in the biggest FCPA case in history against individuals. It said continuing the prosecution would be a waste of government resources.

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Has More FCPA Enforcement Brought Less Deterrence?

The DOJ ramped up FCPA enforcement over the past five years. But could its aggressive pursuit of FCPA prosecutions be hurting attempts to deter corruption? It’s possible.

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