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Entries in Siemens (138)


From Siemens 8, Sharef settles with SEC, Steffen fights

A former Siemens executive charged by the SEC with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has reached agreement in principle to settle his case.

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Suit claims Siemens hired goons to silence whistleblower

The Courthouse News Service reported this week that a government investigator in Argentina claims he was beaten and tortured because he blew the whistle on bribes from Siemens to Argentine officials.

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The FCPA Fugitive List (September 2012)

Since we started tracking FCPA fugitives (like a blog -- not like a U.S. Marshal), a lot has happened.

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Bloggers (no kidding) lead the FCPA conversation

The blogs spoke loudly in an article by Leslie Wayne in the New York Times that recently highlighted FCPA enforcement against foreign companies.

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Siemens 8, Gone and Forgotten?

In December last year, the DOJ and SEC charged eight former executives and agents from Siemens with bribing government officials in Argentina. Where are they now?

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Suspension & Debarment Part II: ‘Seriously, S&D May Not be Used to Punish Contractors’

As contractors like BAE and Siemens have settled large (FCPA-related) enforcement actions with the U.S. Government, there has been an epidemic of misleading and erroneous statements made about the role of suspension and debarment in the FCPA context.

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Excavating Enforcement Data

How many corporate enforcement actions since 2005 didn't involve criminal or civil charges against any employees from the company? We find out.

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The Hunt For The 'Siemens 8'

There's no record of the DOJ filing a status report about the eight former Siemens executives and agents indicted in December last year despite a federal judge's order for an update by May 1.

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Where, Oh Where Are The Siemens 8?

The eight former Siemens executives and agents indicted in December last year for bribery, money laundering, and wire fraud haven't appeared in court in the United States and there are no reports of their arrests overseas.

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Walmart's Move For Mexican Dominance 

By all accounts, Walmart's appetite for growth in Mexico was insatiable. The drive to dominate the retail market there, according to the New York Times, allegedly led the company to pay $24 million in bribes to fast track store permits.

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