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The perils of blowing the whistle

The FCPA Blog recently covered the plight of whistleblower and former U.N. diplomat James Wasserstrom, who was forced from his job after cooperating with an internal investigation of corruption by U.N. officials.

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Another country launches Magnitsky-related investigation

Image courtesy of Google Maps Moldova has opened a criminal money-laundering probe connected to the alleged $230 million theft exposed by murdered Russian anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

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'Magnitsky sanctions' worry Russia business elite

Russian moguls are concerned that fallout from the death of anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky will hurt their ability to do international business, according to a Reuters report Friday from Davos.

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'Inside he was an iron man'

When lawyer Sergei Magnitsky collided with Russia's state-sponsored corruption, he did something truly extraordinary. He stood his ground.

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Congress talks about Magnitsky's torture and death

Photo of the U.S. Capitol Building (courtesy of Wikipedia)The United States Congress sometimes includes 'findings' in laws it adopts. They're reasons behind a law -- a bit of built-in legislative history.

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The biggest anti-corruption story of 2012

U.S. Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, co-sponsored the Magnitsky ActPresident Obama signed into law in December the Magnitsky Act. It targets travel and economic sanctions against those responsible for the jailing and death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. But the importance of the law extends far beyond that.

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Putin plans to sign Russia adoption ban

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he'll sign a bill that bans Americans from adopting Russian children.

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Putin pushes adoption ban following passage of Magnitsky Act

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)Reacting against the Magnitsky Act signed into law by President Obama last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Kremlin should ban adoption of Russian babies by Americans.

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Russia putting dead whistleblower on trial

Sergei Magnitsky, 37, was found dead in a Moscow jail cell after nearly a year of detentionThe Russian General Prosecutor’s Office is moving forward with plans to bring a criminal case against lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who died in 2009 after spending a year in police custody.

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Moscow warns Obama about Magnitsky law

This week the U. S. Senate will consider the Magnitsky Act, a bill to ban visas and freeze bank accounts of about 60 Russian officials allegedly involved in the arrest and death of Sergei Magnitsky.

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U.S. House adopts Magnitsky bill

Sergei Magnitsky (1972 - 2009)A bill to isolate and punish officials and others responsible for the death of a Russian anti-corruption lawyer was passed Friday by the U.S. House of Representatives.

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New play about Magnitsky murder

A play about the prison death of Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky is being staged in London.

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