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Frances McLeod: Yes, you really can (and should) audit culture

In a popular post last month for the FCPA Blog that stirred lots of discussion, Frances McLeod made the case why companies should audit culture change as part of their compliance programs.

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Richard Bistrong: Good performance can hide destructive behavior

The New York Times published a harrowing story this month by Eilene Zimmerman about her ex-husband's death from a drug overdose. He was a partner at Wilson Sonsini in Silicon Valley, practicing IP law.

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Richard Bistrong: How should we share our core ideas?

“Don’t go it alone.” Simple words of both caution and counsel, as offered by the former chief of the FBI’s Global Crimes Task Force, Keith Slotter, in the anti-bribery training film Behind the Bribe.

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Keith Slotter: The ex-con behind the video is now my friend

I first met Richard Bistrong through a mutual friend in early 2014, not long after he’d been released from prison for corporate corruption violations.

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Joe Spinelli: Boards, C-Suites now want daily compliance reports

What's the biggest change in the compliance landscape? It's the deep engagement of boards and senior management.

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Resource Alert: New real-world compliance training video

Companies often ask me to record video for internal training. They want real-world stories of corruption and commerce which they can embed into an existing on-line anti-bribery compliance training.

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Seven years later, Richard Bistrong is wheels up

My Federal Probation formally terminated on January 14, and with that termination came the return of my passport.

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Carolina Pineda Martinez: Compliance folks aren't the ‘Bonus Prevention Department’

The real world isn't just good guys and bad guys. There’s a story behind every compliance problem, and even though it may not excuse anyone's behavior, it should be a reminder that people just like us make mistakes -- sometimes really big mistakes.

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Richard Bistrong: When business leaders become compliance leaders

I’ve noticed a positive shift in corporate compliance events, especially during some of my overseas engagements. Compliance initiatives and ethical messages are coming directly from business leaders in addition to compliance executives.

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Richard Bistrong: The best compliance officers make themselves vulnerable

When compliance leaders ask, “What can I do to better connect with the work-force?” my response is always the same. I encourage them to show their vulnerability.

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Richard Bistrong: Sometimes the best books about compliance aren't about compliance

At the Federal Prison Camp in Lewisburg PA where I spent fourteen and a half months, one personal liberty inmates were allowed was reading. Under Bureau of Prison rules, hardcover books could be sent directly to inmates from the distributor, e.g. Amazon, after being opened and inspected by correctional officers.

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Andy Spalding: The FCPA is all about change

The FCPA is fundamentally about change: in federal laws, in global attitudes, in corporate practices, and ultimately, in ourselves. I wanted my law school students to see that change happening, to feel it for themselves. And so I invited Richard Bistrong to speak.

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