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Entries in money laundering (148)


Huawei, CFO charged in Iran cover up

The DOJ announced Monday that it brought thirteen financial fraud-related charges against Chinese telecom company Huawei and three other related defendants, including its CFO Wanzhou Meng.

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Former Venezuela treasurer forfeits $1 billion in DOJ plea deal

Alejandro Andrade cops pleaVenezuela's former national treasurer helped prosecutors bring an FCPA case against a media tycoon, and agreed as part of his own plea deal to forfeit $1 billion in personal assets.

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UK enforcement: Former oil execs convicted of $45 million kickback scheme

Two top executives of a now-defunct oil company were found guilty Wednesday of fraud and money laundering after a six-week trial in London.

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Two more guilty pleas in PDVSA bribe case

A Texas-based businessman who paid bribes to win work in Venezuela, and the corrupt official who took the bribes, pleaded guilty in federal court in Houston.

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Money laundering plea in PetroEcuador bribery case

A U.S.-based financial advisor pleaded guilty Tuesday for helping launder money used to bribe officials at Ecuador’s state energy company.

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Brother of Honduran official pleads guilty to laundering bribe money

Main Justice - Washington, DCA Honduran citizen pleaded guilty in federal court in Louisiana Thursday to laundering $1.3 million in bribe money, along with assets looted from the Honduran Institute of Social Security.

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U.S. charges brother of Honduran official with laundering bribe money

Carlos Alberto Zelaya Rojas A federal grand jury in New Orleans indicted the brother of a Honduras government official for trying to launder more than $1.3 million in bribe money.

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Susan Hawley: The UK doesn't prosecute money laundering (and that should change)

Despite the UK’s rhetoric about wanting a “world leading reputation for integrity” as a financial center, it has never prosecuted a single company or bank for money laundering.

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FinCEN proposes ban on Latvia bank for money laundering risks

The U.S. Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) on Tuesday proposed designating a leading Latvian bank as a primary money laundering concern because of alleged connections with North Korea and with criminals in Russia and other countries.

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Rabobank pleads guilty, forfeits $369 million for laundering Mexico drug money

The U.S. unit of Netherlands-based Rabobank pleaded guilty Wednesday to a felony conspiracy for concealing defects in its anti-money laundering program and obstructing a federal investigation.

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Tillipman and Block: Have $4.8 billion in penalties deterred HSBC?

According to Good Jobs First’s “Violation Tracker," since 2000, HSBC has accrued $4.8 billion in penalties in 23 criminal and civil enforcement actions.

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FinCEN launches voluntary information exchange

The Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network launched an information exchange program to help banks deal with financial threats.

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