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Michael Johnston: Relying on ‘political will’ to fight corruption is magical thinking

Corruption control is difficult enough without falling back on magical thinking. By that I mean assuming that A will cause B, without specifying any causal connections between the two. A closely-related fallacy is the notion that naming an idea creates something real. A bit of reflection on these problems may help us understand why checking corruption continues to be so difficult.

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Andy Spalding: On gift giving, the rule of law, and the human heart

Prof Andy SpaldingThe anti-corruption movement is plainly a global net gain. We’re working together to make economies more efficient, governments more representative, companies more ethical, and people more trustworthy and trusting. 

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Andy Spalding: IACA Masters in Anti-Corruption Studies application deadline extended

The International Anti-Corruption Academy’s Masters in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) application deadline has been extended to June 30.

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Andy Spalding: Five lessons I’ve learned at IACA

Image courtesy of IACAIf you gather anti-corruption professionals from six continents in a classroom for intensive discussion, extraordinary things are bound to happen. 

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IACA: Accepting Applications for New Master’s Degree in Anti-Corruption Compliance and Collective Action

The International Anti-Corruption Academy, located outside Vienna, Austria, is now accepting applications for its new International Master in Anti-Corruption Compliance and Collective Action program.

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Martin Zapata: When we say ‘Collective Action,’ what do we mean?

In the tireless quest for effective anti-corruption measures, Collective Action (CA) can be a promising approach. The core principle of CA is that joining forces can boost effectiveness of anti-corruption actions and, even more, level the playing field for those involved.

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Job: Full Professor for Collective, Compliance, and (private sector) Anti-Corruption (IACA - Near Vienna, Austria)

The International Anti-Corruption Academy, located just outside Vienna, Austria, is looking for a Full Professor for Collective Action, Compliance and (private sector) Anti-Corruption.  

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Brazil’s Generational Clash

I recently had the great privilege of working closely with one of Brazil’s federal prosecutors at the International Anti-Corruption Academy. A young person just a handful of years out of law school, he’s that rare individual -- bright in every sense of the word, articulate, generous, someone you immediately trust, a person of deep convictions, a natural leader.

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Andy Spalding at the IACA: An Educator’s Dream

Image courtesy of the IACAIndulge me, if you would, a fantasy. Let’s construct the ideal learning environment for anti-corruption education.

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IACA Masters in Anti-Corruption (Applications close May 31)

The International Anti-Corruption Academy is accepting applications for its flagship Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) program.

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Resource alert: IACA welcomes applicants for two flagship programs

The International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) in Austria is currently welcoming applications from anti-corruption and compliance professionals around the world for two of its flagship program.

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What I learned while teaching at the International Anti-Corruption Academy

I heard about the International Anti-Corruption Academy through Andy Spalding’s posts on the FCPA Blog, where he wrote about his work with the IACA  in Vienna. A school for mid-career anti-corruption professionals seemed like an idea that could have a tremendous real-world impact.

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