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Entries in Indonesia (103)


Looking for the next enforcement target

Will Indonesia be the focus of new FCPA enforcement activity?

Could be.

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Witnesses: Australia Reserve Bank bosses covered up bribery for years

There was explosive testimony this week during parliamentary hearings into bribery allegations against a unit of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

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The Story Of Graft

One of the most glaring, if unremarked, oddities concerning China nowadays is how perceptions of its leaders diverge depending on the observer. In the eyes of the Chinese public, government officials are venal, incompetent, and interested solely in getting lucrative appointments.

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Gift-Giving In Indonesia

Graphic courtesy of WikipediaGift-giving to government officials in Indonesia at Lebaran (the end of Ramadan) is so pervasive that many assume it's always permitted.

But here's a summary of Indonesia's gift-giving rules from the global index of ethiXbase.

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In Indonesia, Two Anti-Corruption Court Judges Arrested For Graft

The Jakarta Globe said they were arrested by the KPK while receiving $15,000 cash in a parking lot from a defendant in another corruption case. All three are now detained.

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In Indonesia, Graft Alleged In Koran Buying

The letter to the Jakarta Post said politicians think themselves to be above the law — not only the law of the state but also the law of the divine.

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Malaysia's 'Name And Shame' Campaign

Malaysia's action is part of a larger trend within Asia to centralize anti-corruption data.

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What The Best Dressed Defendants Are Wearing

Corruption and religious headgear most famously appeared together in the United States on the day when Washington Über-lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty.

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Innospec's Jennings In U.K. Plea Deal

Reuters reported today that Paul Jennings, the former CEO of Innospec's U.K. operations, pleaded guilty to corruption charges in a London court.

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In Indonesia, 'Election Loans' Snare Leaders

A story in AsiaOne this month said 37% of all elected regional leaders in Indonesia have been named in corruption cases.

'As many as 173 regional heads have been implicated in corruption cases stemming from the practices of money politics used to finance their campaigns,' the story said.

'Unlike in many other democracies,' the report said, 'campaign "donations" in Indonesia are often viewed as loans, which need to be paid back when a candidate is finally installed in office.'

*     *     *

Indonesia ranks 100 on the corruption perceptions index, tied with Argentina, Mexico, and Madagascar, among others.

It ranks 129 out of 182 on the World Bank's doing business index, which generally measures red tape and the rule of law. In the category of 'enforcing contracts,' it ranks 156.

The country's 240 million people have a per capita gross national income of just US$2,580, ranking 147 in the world, sandwiched between Vanuatu and Egypt.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, with more than 12% of the world's Muslims.

*     *     *

If you haven't visited, it's a beautiful country. And despite the burden of corruption, the people are warm and generous. And they care about their future.

Earlier this year, a group of popular Indonesian movie stars and directors teamed up with Transparency International and the local Corruption Eradication Commission to make four short films about corruption in everyday life. The series is called Kita Versus Korupsi (Us Versus Corruption). Here's a trailer.

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