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Avon keeps no secrets from the feds

In its disclosure yesterday, Avon provided a glimpse into what it means to be cooperating with the DOJ and SEC.

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Avon's latest FCPA disclosure (November 2012)

Here's the full FCPA disclosure by Avon Products, Inc. from its Form 10-Q filed with the SEC on November 1:

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CEDC's FCPA Disclosure

Courtesy of the members area of the FCPA Blog, here's the full FCPA disclosure by Central European Distribution Corp. from its Form 10K/A filed with the SEC on October 5:

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Beam launches India investigation

Illinois-based spirits company Beam Inc. is investigating possible FCPA violations in India, according to a report Friday by the Times of India.

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China: Holiday gift-giving spotlights deep-rooted corruption

"The pre-holiday procession of Chinese entrepreneurs bearing gifts for the officials who hold sway over their businesses highlights the ubiquity of corruption in China and the difficulty the government will have in stamping it out."

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Gift-flation hits China's students

To celebrate Teachers' Day (September 10), students in China honor their teachers with an outpouring of gifts, cards, and flowers.

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Gift-Giving Rules In Kenya

Here's the summary from the FCPA Blog members area of the gift-giving rules for public employees in Kenya:

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To our new members, welcome

More than 700 new users now have access to the FCPA Blog membership area since its launch this week.

Our thanks for the great support from the global community of FCPA Blog readers.

If you haven't seen it, the FCPA Blog members area includes full access to ethiXbase -- the world's largest database of anti-corruption legislation, country gift-giving rules, FCPA investigations, and U.S. and global anti-bribery enforcement actions (more than 30,000 at last count).

And we recently added a Conflict Minerals section. It includes domestic mining legislation for conflict minerals jurisdictions, and rules about due diligence, certification, and disclosure.

FCPA Blog membership is just $495 per year for individuals and $2,995 per year for corporations.

We're delighted so many of our readers have taken advantage of the introductory price to become members of the FCPA Blog.

And we look forward to welcoming even more new members in the coming days.

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Harris Corp's Carefx China Disclosure

From the FCPA Blog members area, here is Harris Corporation's full FCPA disclosure from its Form 10-K filed with the SEC on August 27, 2012:

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Gift-Giving In Indonesia

Graphic courtesy of WikipediaGift-giving to government officials in Indonesia at Lebaran (the end of Ramadan) is so pervasive that many assume it's always permitted.

But here's a summary of Indonesia's gift-giving rules from the global index of ethiXbase.

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Gift Giving Rules In The UAE

Here's a summary of the United Arab Emirates' gift-giving rules from the global index of ethiXbase:

Gift-giving legislation can be found in the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct issued on 12 June 2010.

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Gift Giving In India

Here's what ethiXbase says about gift-giving regulations for public officials in India:

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