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SFO has makeover, and it'll scare you

At a bribery and compliance confab last week in London, the SFO's Alun Milford hit the reset button for the UK Bribery Act, warning that his law enforcement agency will start acting like . . . . a law enforcement agency.

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After Wal-Mart, a better future for the FCPA?

Amid reports that the U.K. government is considering allowing  facilitation payments in overseas business transactions, let's all remember that the world has moved on to better norms -- like “non-participation” in corruption schemes. And not giving tax deductions for bribery.

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The top five FCPA stories of 2012

1. Allegations against Wal-Mart -- Just when the debate about FCPA reform was heating up, the New York Times reported that Wal-Mart may have paid $24 million in bribes to Mexican officials to grow the business. The story showed why the FCPA is important. And it derailed the Chamber of Commerce's campaign to narrow the law and restrict the DOJ's enforcement of it.

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Magazine bashes FCPA, defends Wal-Mart

An article in the National Review Friday slammed the FCPA and the DOJ's enforcement of it.

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Wal-Mart will test FCPA enforcement in new ways

What else did Wal-Mart do in Mexico, and when, if ever, will compliance professionals and the public know about it?

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Great guidance from the bench: 'The FCPA casts a wide net'

In his 61-page ruling this week allowing the SEC's suit against two former Noble executives to go forward, federal district judge Keith P. Ellison provided some excellent 'guidance' about the FCPA.

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Coordinated guidance from DC and London?

It was an odd event a few weeks ago when the U.K.'s Serious Fraud Office removed some Bribery Act guidance from its website without explanation.

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Mini survey result: facilitating payments

The question was: Does your organization allow facilitating payments?

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Petty corruption causes massive misery for the poor

People in Zimbabwe who can't afford small bribes often lose out on birth certificates and passports.

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Facilitating Payments And The Reporting Dilemma

If issuers make a facilitation payment in a jurisdiction where that payment is illegal, but they record it accurately, they're essentially creating evidence of a crime.

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Small (Bribe) Talk From The Editors

We asked the editors of the FCPA Blog: Do you support or oppose facilitating payments, and why?

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Facilitation Payments – An Australian Perspective

The Australian government's proposal to remove the facilitation payments defense may well be motivated by a desire to take a strong anti-corruption stance.

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