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What does it take to change the world?

Professor Elizabeth Spahn spoke for victims of bribery before most of us had discovered the topic. She has defended compliance as pro-business and condemned bribes for destroying capitalism. More eloquently than anyone else, she has stood for the idea -- once derided and now embraced -- that compliance and enforcement can change the world and help people live better lives.

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For clues about global enforcement today, look to anti-corruption history

President Jimmy Carter signed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act into law in December 1977 (photo courtesy of Carter archives)The OECD Anti-Bribery Convention was signed in Paris in December 1997 and prohibited a specific form of active bribery: that of foreign public officials in international business transactions. 

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Cooperation and competition among enforcing countries

New scholarship from Elizabeth Spahn tackles the opportunities and risks behind the new trend of multi-national antibribery enforcement.

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There Are No 'Good Bribes'

There's a wonderful article in the May 14 edition of the New Yorker by James Surowieck about foreign bribery, the FCPA, and so-called 'good bribes.'

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Letter From Africa: Resignation Is Not Acceptance

Elizabeth Spahn's post yesterday -- Is Bribery Acceptable To People Abroad? -- elicited this thoughtful comment:

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Is Bribery Acceptable To People Abroad?

What do people abroad really think about bribery? Do the people of Mexico, for example, agree with claims that bribery is ok there because it’s the local custom?

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Repeal the Facilitation Payment Loophole

The Walmart de Mexico case highlights the dangers of the facilitation payment loophole in the FCPA. Hiding bribes inside this U.S. loophole is no longer a legally sound strategy in the global enforcement environment.

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'So What?' Bribes Destroy Market Capitalism. That's what.  

Tim Worstall, contributor to Forbes and Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute in London, said out loud what some others still think and say privately. Writing about the recent Walmart Mexico scandal, Worstall said “So What?"

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Lessons From The Slave Trade

Professor Elizabeth Spahn's new scholarship on competing enforcement of antibribery laws has just been published.

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Don't Look For 'New' Guidance, Koehler Says

Mike Koehler of the FCPA Professor talked to Reuters' Brett Wolf this week about the DOJ's promised FCPA guidance.

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