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Entries in data analysis (6)


Compliance ‘interventions’ shouldn't be creepy

If we could know in advance what a potentially corrupt team inside a company would look like, we could prevent the corruption from happening, at least in theory. It turns out we do know what corrupt teams look like. Alison Taylor has done that work for us.

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McEachern and Pollitt: Use your existing data to power compliance

In the majority of bribery and corruption investigations -- from relatively simple matters to complex cross-border affairs -- the data necessary to detect and solve these cases was largely available within the organization under investigation and could have been used to prevent the red flag from erupting into a full-blown scandal.

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Archer and Dudzinski: Use resources in other departments to supplement compliance

As much as compliance officers dream of unlimited staff and funding, the reality is that compliance departments often face the challenge of managing complex global risks with inadequate resources.

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Joanna Ng: Using data to detect conflicts of interest and the harm they cause

Not all conflicts of interests lead to illegal conduct. But undisclosed connections between third-party suppliers and employees are a gateway to corruption and fraud. The best way to uncover conflicts of interests and harm flowing from them is through data.

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Report: CECOs struggle with outdated technology, siloed data

A new survey found that Chief Compliance and Ethics Officers are struggling to effectively aggregate and analyze data due in part to outdated technology and a lack of available tools at their disposal.

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Michele Edwards: Data analysis underlies new DOJ guidance

The Justice Department's “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” outlines 11 topics and 119 questions that the Fraud Section commonly considers when evaluating corporate compliance programs in the wake of criminal misconduct.

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