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Eric Carlson: In China investigations, messaging platforms can be a goldmine or a landmine

Anyone who has spent much time in China or dealt with investigations in China has probably heard of WeChat, a social media application. WeChat has over 900 million daily users, making it far and away the most ubiquitous social media platform in China. 

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Feds open new GSK China bribery investigation

GlaxoSmithKline said in a securities filing Wednesday that the DOJ and SEC asked for information about third-party advisers the company hired in China during a corruption investigation there.

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China company convicted of stealing U.S. wind turbine technology

China's biggest wind turbine maker was convicted Wednesday by a federal jury of nearly destroying an American company by stealing its trade secrets.

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Dale Ko: Shenzhen awards first ISO 37001 certificate

In November the Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology awarded the first ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System certificate in China, an important milestone in the country's persistent fight against corruption.

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Does the U.S. play politics with the FCPA?

The arrest of Hong Kong's former home secretary, Patrick Ho, for allegedly bribing Africa officials on behalf of a Chinese energy company, has triggered accusations that America uses FCPA enforcement to promote a political agenda.

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Former Hong Kong official pleads not guilty, denied bail

The former Hong Kong home secretary indicted for allegedly bribing Africa officials on behalf of a Chinese energy company pleaded not guilty Monday.

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Companies create special FCPA disclosures for China risks

It has been a common practice for SEC-registered companies with international operations to include FCPA enforcement as a "risk factor" that investors should consider before buying the company's securities.

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Manseau and Zeng: More enforcement risk for China joint ventures

Having recently toughened up its anti-bribery laws, China is now aiming to expand its oversight of corruption in the public sector, possibly leading to increased enforcement efforts against both domestic and foreign companies.

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Andy Spalding: Corruption isn't someone else's problem

The FCPA is both a confession, and a conviction. We confess that corruption is not somebody else’s problem; it’s our problem. We do not point a finger; we look in the mirror.

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DOJ charges two in Chinese plot to bribe Africa officials

The DOJ unsealed a criminal complaint Monday charging the head of a Hong Kong-based NGO and the former foreign minister of Senegal with bribing high-level officials in Chad and Uganda to help a Chinese oil and gas company.

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Eric Carlson: Measuring President Xi’s ‘crushing tide’ against graft

Almost exactly five years ago, I wrote a post for the FCPA Blog analyzing the impact that China’s leadership transition to Xi Jinping would have on anti-corruption enforcement in China. This post assesses those predictions and makes new ones for the coming five years, in light of the recently concluded Party Congress.

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Jerry Fang: China arms corruption fighters with a sharp sword

With the world media attention focused on the 19th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party (CPC), it is worthwhile to pay attention to the nation-wide roll-out of the new anti-corruption regime of the National Supervision Commission (NSC) and introduction of the national supervision law, as just announced by President Xi during his  opening speech.

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