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At Singapore's Keppel Corp, did the C-suite approve big bribes?

A former Keppel Corporation agent has reportedly accused the company's executives of authorizing him to pay bribes to Brazil officials in an effort to win Petrobras contracts. 

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Andy Spalding: Why Olympism and anti-corruption are kindred movements

The Olympic Movement, and the global anti-corruption movement, each manifest a common aspiration.  Springing from the same place in the human mind, they imagine the same alternative world, and then seek to build it.

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Embraer reserves $200 million for possible FCPA settlement

Image courtesy of EmbraerBrazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer SA said Friday it booked a $200 million loss contingency in connection with "allegations of non-compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act."

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Andy Spalding on Brazil’s fourth pillar: The organized crime law

Of the four pillars (here, here, and here), Brazil’s 2013 organized crime law has thus far impacted anti-corruption enforcement to a degree that few could have imagined or dreamed.

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Andy Spalding on Brazil’s third pillar: The Clean Companies Act

We discussed in the two prior posts (here and here) the two laws that Brazil enacted in 2011 to make government more accountable, transparent, and efficient. But readers may recall the major public protests that erupted in Brazil in 2013. Though seemingly provoked by a public transportation rate hike, the protests were about corruption and mismanagement more broadly.

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Andy Spalding on Brazil’s second pillar: The access to information law

We’re talking about the four major laws, or “pillars,” that Brazil enacted on the eve of the 2016 Olympic Games (and 2014 FIFA World Cup) that completely changed Brazil’s anti-corruption landscape. 

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Andy Spalding on Brazil’s first pillar: Procurement reform

Procurement obviously presents among the highest risks for corruption. Brazil took its rare good fortune of hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics as an opportunity to evaluate its procurement regime. In so doing, it adopted important reforms; hosting the Olympics thus became a catalyst for positive governance change.

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SMB Offshore in $342 million settlement with Brazil prosecutors and Petrobras

Image courtesy of SBM OffshoreProsecutors in Brazil and state-owned oil company Petróleo Brasileiro SA signed a settlement agreement Friday with Netherlands-based oil and gas services firm SBM Offshore NV to resolve allegations of corruption.

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Andy Spalding: The four pillars of Brazil’s Olympic governance legacy

The Brazil narrative of crisis and collapse has reached a fevered pitch: Zika, pollution in the bay, economic recession, and what may be the world’s largest corruption investigation. But this now-fashionable refrain misses a deeper and more compelling story.

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Access information for today's Brazil webinar (Thursday, July 14, Noon EST)

"Telling Brazil's Anti-Corruption Success Story," a webinar hosted by Senior Editor Andy Spalding, will take place today at noon eastern time. 

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Webinar: Telling Brazil's Anti-Corruption Success Story (Thursday, July 14, Noon EST)

Though widely perceived to be in crisis, Brazil is in fact experiencing an historic pivot in laws, enforcement procedures, and cultural norms regarding corruption.

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Brazil interim president denies graft allegations in Petrobras scandal

Brazil’s interim president Michele Temer (Image courtesy of TVNBR/Youtube)Brazil's interim president Michele Temer has denied allegations that he received campaign donations tied to the Petrobras corruption scandal.

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