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A sense the rich and powerful are above the law

After 16 years, Afghanistan is now America's longest war. But the regime we're fighting for is one of the world's most corrupt. It ranked 177 out of 180 on the latest Corruption Perceptions Index.

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Is Afghanistan (remember that one?) America's worst investment ever?

Special Inspector General John SopkoThe Taliban may not be in control of Afghanistan, but that's only because nobody is really in control. After 15 years of U.S. and coalition fighting, the country -- more accurately the failed state -- is in terrible shape.

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Ex Navy noncom in Afghanistan took bribes for humanitarian supply deals

A former Navy noncommissioned officer pleaded guilty to accepting about $25,000 in cash bribes from vendors of humanitarian supplies while he served in Afghanistan.

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Second guilty plea for bribes from Afghanistan humanitarian relief program

A sergeant currently assigned to Fort Campbell, Kentucky pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiracy to commit bribery when he was buying humanitarian supplies while serving in Afghanistan.

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Virginia man jailed four years for Afghanistan bribes

An independent contractor for a trucking company in Afghanistan that delivered fuel to U.S. Army bases was sentenced to four years in prison Thursday for offering a U.S. serviceman bribes to falsify confirm fuel shipments that weren't really delivered.

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Amid the business of compliance, a moment of true inspiration

Justin Lansford and Gabe. (Image courtesy of ABC News)I don't expect to be inspired at compliance conferences. The big name "motivational" speakers don't move me. I prefer the stories of the everyday hardworking compliance officers.

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The BOTA Foundation explained (Part Four): Why was BOTA established?

What were the motivations of the key actors responsible for the creation of BOTA Foundation -- the governments of the United States, Switzerland, and Kazakhstan? And what role did the World Bank play, as well as opposition politicians and civil society activists in Kazakhstan? Let's start where Giffen did business: Kazakhstan.

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To find terrorism, look for graft

Last year, 17,958 people were killed in terrorist attacks, 61% more than the previous year. More than 80% of all deaths from terrorist attacks occurred in five of the world's most corrupt countries -- Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Syria.

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The University of Richmond Annual Corruption Issue, Part III: Toward Pre-Approved Compliance Programs?

The University of Richmond’s Journal of Global Law & Business is proud to announce its annual Corruption Issue. In this series of posts, each co-authored by a UR law student and Professor Andy Spalding, we’ll introduce this year’s articles and invite submissions for next year’s issue.

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German whistleblower earns $16 million for exposing ‘major fraud’ against U.S. military

In a criminal fraud and False Claims Act settlement Monday with total penalties amounting to $389 million, a whistleblower collected $16 million from the $101 million paid to settle the FCA portion of the case.

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‘Merchant of Death’ co-conspirator jailed five years

Richard Ammer Chichakli, an associate of convicted international arms dealer Viktor Bout, was sentenced Thursday in Manhattan federal court to five years in prison.

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Former Army contractor in Afghanistan took kickbacks

Image courtesy fo the U.S. ArmyA former project manager of a U.S. construction company working on U.S. government contracts in Afghanistan admitted Wednesday in federal court to soliciting a $60,000 kickback from an Afghan subcontractor in 2011.

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