DOJ creates new job in London at SFO, FCA
Monday, December 12, 2016 at 8:28AM
Richard L. Cassin in David Green QC, Financial Conduct Authority, Leslie R. Caldwell, Serious Fraud Office, United Kingdom

The DOJ said Friday it has created a new position for a lawyer who'll be seconded to the UK for two years to collaborate on financial fraud and foreign bribery cases.

The lawyer will work at the Financial Conduct Authority for a year and then at the Serious Fraud Office for a year.

The position calls for a third year in Washington with the DOJ's Fraud Section of the Criminal Division. The duties that year will be "to investigate and prosecute transnational economic crimes in the United States and to provide additional training to other Fraud Section prosecutors on the best practices and experiences learned at the FCA and the SFO."

The DOJ's Leslie Caldwell said Friday on the DOJ blog: "Today, transnational criminal enterprises and global corporate misconduct are the new normal."

The new position helps fight crime on a global scale, Caldwell said, "by forging deep coalitions with our international enforcement and regulatory counterparts."

According to the job description, "While assigned to the UK, the Attorney will collaborate on financial fraud and foreign bribery cases at the FCA and the SFO."

David Green, Director of the SFO, said the new DOJ position is "a concrete demonstration of the close and valued relationship we have built with our American colleagues, which has been so evident in our casework.”

The job is posted here. Applications are open until December 22.


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