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China dominates the corporate investigations list

Here's a note from the volunteer researcher who produces the Corporate Investigations List. A reader asked if we could identify the countries involved in the current investigations. We asked the volunteer researcher about it, and here's the response:

*     *     *

China is dominating the disclosures. But a lot of companies don't disclose the countries involved in the potential violations being investigated.

However, information we have for 84 of the 103 investigations just published does mention at least one specific country (81%). Some others mentioned specific regions such as CIS, Middle East, Latin America, etc without mentioning the specific country.

The following breaks down the country frequency.

Libya and Poland stand out but Libya jumped due to the unusual access to government files after the toppling of Gaddafi. Poland just seems like an outlier.

On the other hand, it's strange not to see countries like Nigeria or Indonesia on the list.

It's not a perfect science and I'll be going back in the future to ensure a bit more accuracy/consistency around this, but I wanted to share what I have observed.

China 37

Russia 7

Brazil 7

Libya 6

Poland 6

India 6

Angola 4

Italy 4

Germany 3

Saudi Arabia 3

Mexico 3

Serbia 2

South Africa 2

Guinea 2

Argentina 2

Romania 2

UK 2

Uzbekistan 2

Kazakhstan 2

Single countries 18


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