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The infinite scalability of compliance

Enterprise software is designed for one reason: scalability.

Human resources, finance, project management, internal communications, and many other functions have well known enterprise solutions.

With the scalability of enterprise cloud applications, compliance programs can for the first time be cost-effective and flexible enough to respond to a company’s changing environment. They can offer the same quality of services to companies and organizations of 50 employees or 50,000 or more employees.

How do cloud-based solutions make vast quantities of  information useful?

Enterprise application scalability and accessibility are possible because of two basics in computer programming that could be considered the backbone of the Internet: relational database management systems (RDBMS) and Structured Query Language (SQL).

At their core, relational databases are simple tables with rows and columns. But they allow for the efficient storage of vast quantities of data that are interconnected and infinitely customizable.

This data, to be useful, has to be accessible instantly and in great detail. That is where SQL comes in. SQL is the language used to feed data into and fetch data from these colossal tables. The combination of these two tools mean you can have a table with hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands, or millions of rows, and the difficulty of accessing the data within doesn’t increase. That is the essence of scalability.

These building blocks can now provide scalable, cloud-based enterprise solutions previously unknown to compliance. 


Harry Cassin is in charge of product development for ethiXbase Pte Ltd. He can be contacted here.

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